Ageing is a fundamental step at Château Phélan Ségur: understanding of the vintage, judicious selection of coopers, racking from barrel to barrel, regular topping up, requirements and experience of the team in the cellar. Very special and loving care is given to the wines during this complex phase in their development.

A cohesive link with the coopers

Once calm is restored after the harvest, the ageing of the Grand Vin, now blended, continues for around 12 more months; at Château Phélan Ségur, the ageing is a fundamental step. The proportion of new barrels never exceeds 50%. Five coopers loyal to the property have contributed their know-how over many years.  While complying with very precise technical specifications, the diversity of their respective products (origin of the wood, drying time, toasting, know-how) express themselves differently each vintage. Oxygen, oak tannins, and the aromas they bring are essential to the stabilisation of the wine and its development. Meticulous topping up of the barrels protects the wine from oxidation.

Mains barrique Phélan Ségur
Racking "à l'esquive"

The traditional technique of racking from barrel to barrel


Manual racking from barrel to barrel, a long and difficult technique, is still carried on. This is now only practised in the greatest châteaux, and takes up nearly all the time of two people throughout the year.  To go further…


Bottling in the spring

Phélan Ségur 2008