Primeurs 2021

“2021 is the first vintage in which I felt the pressures of nature with such force. Despite these twists and turns that vexed Véronique Dausse and her teams throughout the season, I did not give in and stood by my belief in viticulture that is beneficial for people and the environment. The cellar that hosts this vintage seems rather empty to me: that’s something we just have to live with, as the yields were historically low. But what a satisfaction it is to taste the result of this hard work on these great Saint-Estèphe terroirs!

2021 is the style of wine that drives my passion for Phélan Ségur: purity, precision, density, ripeness, quality of tannins and, finally, distinction. A Phélan Ségur of today and tomorrow… timeless.

Philippe Van de Vyvere